A Smarter Way to Prospect And Present Your Residual Income Business

There are only so many hours in a day and so much money you can put into your residual income business – so how can you work smarter and leverage these precious resources?

Regardless of how or where you generate your leads – whether they’re from your resource list, someone you met during your normal day’s activities or a lead you attracted online – you need to present your residual income business to your prospects to be able sign someone up, increase the revenue to your company and make money – this is part of the process that most people waste tons of time and money!

How to Leverage The Presentations for Your Residual Income Business

There are many ways you can present your business, face-to-face via a one-on-one or two-on-one presentation, via a large hotel meeting, etc – but you have to take into consideration the time and money aspects for not only yourself and your team but also your prospects. Realize that every step of the process you take a potential prospect through, your prospect is thinking can I do or rather am I willing to do what this person has just done (in order to potentially build their business)?

So why not make it easier on you and your prospects, why not enable yourself at the same time to also be able to go through more people faster, easier and cheaper so you can find more of those leaders by simply directing your prospects to a presentation they can view either on their computer (webinar, video, etc) or if nothing else, listen to over the phone.

What prospect, with a sincere, genuine desire to create home based income would object to building their business by ACTUALLY being able to do it from home?

Think about it: you talk with an interested prospect over the phone, ask them a few questions to see what their needs are and what they’re looking for and then email them or tell them over the phone what webpage they need to visit to see all the details about your residual income business which will help meet their needs. You get off the phone, they view the presentation and while they’re viewing it you could be talking with another prospect putting them through the same process, perhaps several prospects. Now the hours you would have previously wasted each week sitting around while your prospects watch a presentation can now be multiplied into further results – and more profits!

Not everyone has the time, ability, resources, whatever to present the business in person, one-on-one. But anyone can build the business in this manner.

Plus, how many more people can you present the business to in a day? How many more people can you sign up and how much more money would you make in the same amount of time, working smarter? How much more enjoyable would the rest of your day be?

How many more people in your team would be able to duplicate such an approach? How much more excited and motivated would that make you? How much more money would all that in turn make you?

(As a sidenote, one-on-one presentations and hotel meetings, have their place. But with hotel meetings, for example, you have no control whatsoever, so always make sure your prospects have seen the presentation and have an interest in joining you after they have all the facts before even considering taking them to a hotel meeting. Those types of events are helpful to show your prospects and more importantly your new people who sign up the big picture – the business is bigger than just you. Use these events to show them what’s possible, to build their belief and see other regular people making great income as well – but don’t use this approach as your prospect’s initial business exposure unless you like getting flaked on and not making money).

Not only should you be presenting your business from the comfort and convenience of your home or home office (and more importantly your prospects should be VIEWING your business from the comfort and convenience of THEIR home) to dramatically increase your number of sign-ups, but you should also be using a system to automatically sift and sort or pre-qualify your prospects so you only spend your valuable time with those who again have a sincere, genuine interest in creating home based income in the first place (like the example of sending suspects to a video capture page).

As your prospects enter your MLM system’s pipeline or sales funnel, again they are thinking to themselves “can I do this?” It’s pretty obvious to see that you’ll get a much higher percentage of people interested in a systematic process that qualifies and follows up with their leads automatically than to have to manually keep following up with people, calling and harassing them over and over to see if the time is right yet (believe me, I’ve been there and done that, and no one wants to be on either side of that!).

So if you’re Serious about Success with your Residual Income Business, here’s 3 Smart Steps you need to take:

  1. Get your priorities straight – spend only 20% of your available time on finding/creating leads and 80% of your time actually talking with interested prospects (MLM prospecting).
  2. Save time and increase your productivity by directing all your leads through a MLM system that can sift and sort the suspects from the prospects so you’re only spending your time talking with actual pre-qualifed prospects.
  3. Maximize your results and income, as well as the retention and duplication of your team further by showing the business from the comfort and convenience of your home (so your prospects can view it from the comfort and convenience of THEIR home) so you can waste less time and money and show the business to more people, which will also enable your team to grow beyond your local area, potentially around the world.