Are You Wasting Time Building Your Residual Income Business?

Success with a residual income business in the home based income industry comes from continually getting your business in front of lots of people on a consistent, regular basis.

The problem is most people spend all their time trying to find people to talk to (spending all their time marketing, whether online or wandering around in shopping malls offline, etc) which then leaves them with little, or often NO time to actually talk with people about their business (presenting the business).

Even for those online marketers focused on creating leads for their residual income business: what good is it to spend all your time learning and actually generating leads if at the end of the day, you have no time left to actually call and talk to them?

As we all know and have heard hundreds of times, this is a relationship business and you need to communicate and connect with people directly in order to grow a thriving and profitable home based income that you will eventually be able to walk-away from (residual income!). That’s the ultimate goal, right? Or is it to see who can create the most leads??

So with that realization, what do you do?

How to Best Spend Time Building Your Residual Income Business

If you’re involved in some online marketing right now in an effort to generate leads, continue to do that but cut back on the amount of time you spend doing it each day so that you have ample time available to actually progress forward with your residual income business each day, ie, time for prospecting and presenting the business.

A good rule of thumb – maybe something to shoot for if you haven’t been setting aside ANY time to talk with people – is the old 80/20 rule – spend 20% of your time finding prospects (marketing online or offline, etc) and the other 80% of your time actually on the phone talking to people, leading and directing them through your presentation so that you can actually have people sign up and join you.

So if you’re marketing for one hour a day, you need to be spending nearly 4 hours talking with prospects if you want to make serious money with your residual income business.

Not spending enough time on the phone talking with new prospects is what separates the 99% from the top 1% – where do you want to be? Adjust your priorities, adjust your activities and you’ll therefore adjust your results and income!