Residual Income Business Opportunity For Income Stability

Are you a person that is looking for a residual income business opportunity to help ease income strains that you are getting, as a result of this troubled economy? Perhaps you would prefer to develop some true wealth? Here is some interesting information on affiliate advertising. Let us see how you grasp the important idea that multiple streams of residual income are very good for your bottom line. The following, is a couple of residual income business opportunity, advertising cases. You choose which one is better, this will be done by determining which one will be a lot more profitable.

The first residual income business opportunity case; it takes one hundred clicks to produce a single sale. Each sale pays $100 commission. There is a 5 percent refund rate. In this case your cost is $0.80 per click, In other words, it would cost $80 to create one $100 sale ($100 – $80 =$20, then, $20 x 5% = $1), $20.00 less the five percent refund rate($1.00) equals $19 net profit. That is a 19% return on your marketing investment. (note: This is not much!)

The second residual income business opportunity case, selling the product, it takes 100 clicks. Each and every sale provides a $100 commission but it also offers, a per-month subscription of $10. There is also, a 5% refund rate and the typical length of the subscription is four months. If you spend $0.80 per click, like the first case, just how much will you make from your $100 investment? This case uses the same outcome for the sale, a 19% return on your marketing investment.- but the NET Income is far more impressive, because of the monthly income of $10.00! Here you would get $19 for the up-front sale, you also get an additional $10 per month, over the 4 month period of the subscription. That is $59 net profit for a 59% ROI (Return On Investment).

Can you see, on the two cases presented, the one that stands out as being the best? The Residual Income business opportunity, makes a big difference on the ROI. You should take an interest to Super Affiliates selling models and you will soon learn the only time they will offer a “one-up item” (it pays only the moment for key sale), is if they can somehow leverage that sale. That leverage might be to provide a free report or unique insider review and bonus which entices one make a purchase through their affiliate hyperlink… Where the LEVERAGE is, in collecting the opt-in info that you simply provide and that will be used later one to introduce a product sale.

Due to the fact a concentrated opt-in list is generally worth $0.25 to $5.00 Every month, the list owner will use the email to make an “upsale” later which brings in more commission. You may notice, is that, what you have by promoting solutions that not only pay a one-up commission, but also gives you a residual income business opportunity. In other words, if the affiliate promotion item, does not possess a continuity system behind it, most super affiliates will never touch it. It is easy to see why they don’t? It is the difference between receiving 19% ROI or receiving 59% ROI.

The residual income business opportunity streams are crucial to big wealth generation. You will be able to see the big picture, of what that income truly is, if you will imagine the great Nile River. It is the longest river on the planet. You are able to see it and its vastness from outer space, it really is that huge. What you can not see is that the Nile is basically fed by a large number of individual streams. This large number of little streams merge to create a single massive world record river.

Taking your residual income business opportunity and advertising income for your ROI is like creating your own river of income by creating multiple little streams of income merging into 1 bank account? The very best way is to start advertising products and solutions that produce a monthly residual income. As soon as you get that going, you basically sit back and watch the flow of income. Whenever you have the right income coming in, you never ever start the month at absolutely nothing! There is a lot of security having to work from a residual income business opportunity.