Residual Income Business Tips – What Top Earners Are NOT Doing

If you’ve been building a residual income business for a while, you’ve probably heard the names of some of the big industry legends, the big Top Earners with their 7- and some 8-figure incomes – people like Randy Gage, Marc Yarnell, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Dani Johnson, etc.

These top earners today have huge organizations and massive followings which only continue to grow along with their income.

So what is it these Top Earners do? Where is their focus for building and supporting their ever-expanding residual income businesses?

Before I get to that, let’s look at it logically. Let’s look at it from their point of view (after all, if you want to grow a huge organization you must first visualize what that would be like and organize/structure your activities accordingly. In other words, if you think small you’re only ever going to be able to build a small organization – if you don’t change your thinking you’ll sabotage your growth unknowingly to ensure you meet your expectations. So think big, expect to build a large, thriving organization so that you can!).

So, if you had an organization of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands or millions of people, with new people signing up on a daily – even hourly basis – with or without your knowledge or help, maybe hundreds of levels down. Obviously, with an organization that big, you can’t personally help each one get started to begin doing the right activities to make money. So you must have a system in place to disseminate that information.

Most of these leaders do have a strong online presence, with a powerful website or blog with business building and training content posted on a regular basis to help keep their teams and organizations plugged in, motivated and up to date. Technology has a come a long way helping to get the leader as close to each person in his team as possible, albeit on a generalized, team-specific level, like with auto-responders, conference calls, voice broadcasts, presentation and training webinars, etc.

But it’s still a whole lot better than handing down a photo-copied, hand-written training documents that you can barely read the writing on, or worse that others have changed, trying to interpret what they thought the leader was trying to say (kind of like trying to play that old game of “telephone” where the meaning completely changes from start to finish).

So from the leader’s perspective of such a massive organization, it is imperative that some kind of training system be in place to keep people engaged, working towards their dreams and making money. And it’s never been easier to develop such a system for one’s followers to plug into.

In addition though, a leader must think about strategies and tactics that his people can all implement, regardless of who they are, what they’ve done, where they’ve come from, what country they live in, what level of success they’ve had and regardless of whatever amount of money they have – and quickly (urgency is crucial for fast growth)!

And obviously you want your organization to produce and move product because that’s what creates the residual income. If no one is moving product – just signing up and recruiting new distributors who don’t buy anything – then no one gets paid.

So you must be able to teach and instruct simple methods that anyone can do from day one to get them making money quickly, if they get to work and apply themselves – without a lot of training or time consuming or distracting activities… (It’s a lot easier to make money fast than slow!)

Can you see where I’m going here?

Here’s the biggest distinction I see between what the most successful leaders this industry do and what the majority of distributors trying to build a residual income business are doing – the focus of their business.

Why is it that these industry legends continue to focus on building their businesses belly to belly, person to person, home meeting to home meeting, etc?

Do you think they’re out of touch with the times?

Obviously not, just look at their powerful lead-capturing, results-producing websites.

Are they just trying to keep their internet marketing strategies to themselves?

That makes even less sense – remember, these web properties they develop are specifically there for their people, their organizations from which they make their money. They wouldn’t purposely sabotage or limit the success of their own people, that would directly impact their income and level of success.

So why aren’t these industry Top Earners promoting the latest and greatest online marketing strategies for building a residual income business?

If you’ve been marketing online for any length of time you probably know the answer!

Simply put, the majority of people out there are not marketing geniuses nor are they computer software engineers or technicians. The internet and online marketing requires a certain skill set that the majority of the population is only beginning to become familiar with, let alone proficient with (the internet and online marketing has really only been around for a decade or so, and is only beginning to go somewhat mainstream thanks to Google and Facebook, etc. In comparison, people have been building network marketing or residual income businesses for over a hundred years successfully before there ever was internet…).

This familiarity or proficiency with computers and the internet, etc will change over time, but the industry Top Earners understand that in order to build a large team, you need people to be making money as soon as possible – methods and approaches that can be implemented today, not tomorrow. You dramatically increase the ratio of people making money when you get them started fast so that the income starts coming in while they’re still excited about it before the world around them crushes their dreams and takes away their hope, allowing disbelief and fear to take its place, making it incredibly more difficult than to make money.

This is why the industry Top Earners still encourage prospecting your warm market or resource list first, for example, prior to learning online marketing – if at all. As you probably know – or should have been made aware of – learning to market your business online takes time. There is a steep, steep learning curve in learning how to setup your blog properly, how to advertise online, or create content like articles or videos, setup and strategically use other web 2.0 properties for lead generation, etc. Contrary to a lot of the hype out there, lasting success with a residual income business doesn’t happen overnight – with or without the internet!