Stop! You’re Doing It All Wrong! Offline Residual Income Business Strategies

Odds are, you are like the 95% of network marketers trying to create a home based income the “old school” or more traditional offline way and looking at how you can use the internet to build your residual income business because you only have a limited amount of time and resources to build your business, like most people. If that’s the case, it’s important to maximize the time and any money you spend on building your business.

Maximize the Return on the Time & Money You Invest Into Your Residual Income Business

In particular, I am referring to the promoting and presenting part of the basic 3 step “promote, present, and train” process. When you are promoting your residual income business, you must focus on methods and strategies that will create the most leverage for you, where you can spend the least amount of time and money and create the most number of potential prospects.

For example, if you’re out running errands or on your lunch break or anything else that puts you around other people, let’s say you happen to start a conversation with someone and it hits you that perhaps maybe this person may be open to working on a side project that doesn’t interfere with what they’re currently doing (you won’t know unless you ask).

So as the conversation comes to a close you throw the question out there, just to see if they may be open to learning about a residual income business or home based income. Your suspect says yes he’s open, and you tell him to give you his information so that you can email him a video with more information. If he like’s what he sees great; if not, no big deal, and you leave it at that. Done.

When you get home you send him an email with a link to a video capture page. If he likes what he sees and wants more information, he’ll simply fill out the form and learn more and you’ll be alerted that indeed he is interested (he qualifies himself automatically using your automated pre-qualifying system). If he’s not interested, no big deal, you’ll know because he WON’T fill out the form.

Pretty complicated, right? No, it’s very simple and eliminates the need to have to continually call and followup with prospects who may or may not be interested, which more often than not leads to hounding, bugging and begging people – bad posture! The next time you speak to this prospect will be only after (and if) he shows a genuine interest on his part in your residual income business.

How much time, frustration, money and energy did that just save you? The even better news is that now you have all this additional time, energy and money to put more people through this exact same system to multiply and in fact exponentially explode your results, and more importantly, your income!

What I am getting at is that in building home based income or a residual income business today, you no longer need to waste countless hours chasing and begging people, getting “no-showed” by your so-called prospects, sitting in traffic, getting prepared for an event so you’re “dressed for success,” etc – not to mention the hundreds and thousands of unnecessary miles on your car or the money you’ve spent on gas. There are more efficient, smarter, cheaper and more productive ways to spend your time to get results!